The Missing Locket (Chapter 1) |Nightingale’s Unsung Melody

This story is about a community of mystical creatures living hidden from human kind, fighting against dark forces destroying the very existence of these beings one survived due to the selfless sacrifice of his kind and found by humans lives his human life as destiny finds him.


Missing Locket (Chapter 1)

In the threatening sinister of night that grew even more frightening, evil lurked in the shadows. The sound of wild wolves howling at the pale moon was as clear as the voices that cried out for help. As the feeling of fear left a mystical creature vulnerable and in need of shelter, with a robe black as the night that covered her from head to toe.  She ran through the blazing trees that  had filled the place with smoke there was no doubt that she was running for her life.  Holding an infant close to her heart, she looked for refuge but while doing so she realised she was being followed.

She saw a cave and rushed inside,  after laying the little one down she lifted her hood and revealed herself and Ah! Her hair was white with a few strands of blue, a silver crown adorned her head which shimmered in the moon light, her skin was fair, her big blue eyes sparkled like crystals. She was a lady of royal blood.

Tears filled her eyes as she hid the child and started to walk out. With a last look behind she fled into the night and took what was following ,with her.

In the dark cave the baby’s cries caught the attention of a monstrous beast. It had blood red eyes and jagged nails reaching out for the child.

Just in time an arrow stabbed through the heart of the beast.  As the monster fell to the ground, a hooded form with a bow in hand  appeared at the front of the cave. After making sure the beast was dead the person neared the child and stopped his cry, his blue eyes gazed back. While calming the child the person noticed something shine.

Pulling it out revealing a locket which was glowing blue. Quickly taking it off  watching the blue slowly dim away.


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Magic | Nightingale’s Unsung Melody | Things that keep us magical

This blog is going to contain something I like to call pieces of magic. No its not typical fairy or witch magic. Then what is it you ask? Well for that you gotta keep reading.


Pieces of magic.

This blog is going to contain something I like to call pieces of magic.

No its not typical fairy or witch magic. Then what is it you ask? Well i like to believe that sometimes life makes us feel things so intensely or so subtly that it stops us right there, it could be that moment when you were at a beach and felt that calm and watched the sun paint the sky till it disappeared under the sea, or dived into a random song playing on the radio and lost yourself in the lyrics.The list goes on and on.

It is something you can choose to hold on to till your last breath and smile every time you relive it or even choose to let go of it but one thing is certain, you will feel it.

Everyone of us have these little things its what makes you and me magical, they are things so simple that they go unnoticed.

Like the stars that once blazed the night sky and now live on in you, so that you could be as timeless as the universe you gaze into every night while the world lay in silence waiting for tomorrow but this I must ask of you, stay awake in this sleepless awe and never once feel alone, for there is a creature in the woods singing you a melody so pure so true.

He is the Nightingale who sits in the darkest of nights and cheers its own solitude with sweet sounds, by the melody of an unseen musician who feels that he is moved and softened, yet know not whence or why.

So as you watch the night sky fade and slowly give rise to something new, something yet untouched remember to carry those pieces of magic before they turn into dust.